DEVONthink To Go menu bar icon

Is there an easy way to disable the DEVONthink To Go menu bar item?

I’ve been puzzling over this for a few minutes and have had no success although I suspect it’s probably easy.


Hmm, which DEVONthink To Go menu bar icon? We only had it in an early beta of the sync agent plugin but it’s been long switched off.

I think (from memory) that means I need to remove the file:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Plugins/Sync Agent.bundle

which came with some of the early betas.

That would be correct. In fact, it would be good to search your disk for any copies of “Sync Agent.bundle” and delete them, and then place a fresh copy of DT Pro 1.0.6 in your application folder.