DEVONthink To Go not appearing as Locations in

I wasn’t aware that DTTG should appear as a location in the on iOS.

However, I looked today and it wasn’t there. I think it’s supposed to be set up automatically. I’m running DTTG 3.7.2 on my iPad under iPadOS 16.5.

You have to enable it. See the three dots in the upper right

I thought that might be it but if it’s the Connect to Server, then what’s the server called? Excuse the ignorance and thanks for responding!

Use …Edit Sidebar

Has to be done when at top of screen it has “Browse” as the title not a location or folder.

See The Files App on Your iPhone: Everything You Need to Know or other articles findable by an internet search.

Got it! Thank you.

“Connect to server” is meant to connect to network shares, like a shared folder in a Windows/NAS machine (and I assume, macOS shared folder if that is possible, that I don’t know).