DEVONthink To Go: Sync DEVONthink Mac on University Wi-Fi

I’m attending university, and was very excited to hear about this application. I immediately purchased a copy of the mobile version, and I also Downloaded the trial for Mac. I run IOS 10.3 on my Iphone 6 and OSX (10.11) on Mac. I cant seem to sync DEVONthink To Go with DEVONthink on my Mac while using the University Network.

Is there a way sync directly, bypassing Wi-Fi? I

I think that I’m not able to sync because the network is protected by university security and does not allow that kind of direct device to device communication.


  1. iOS 10 is a beta OS. You should not expect things to work as expected.
  2. Create an ad-hoc netowrk on your Mac and connect to it with your mobile device. Yes, you will lose Internet connectivity, but if you just need a quick Sync, it should do it.

(Longer answer is that it’s because the enterprise wireless is on a different logical network and very few institutions bother to do anything really fancy with Bonjour/zeroconf because it rapidly escalates into a painful exercise in catch-up — the ad-hoc network method the support engineer gave you is the only reliable work-around for this scenario. (I have a little experience with wireless, zeroconf, and enterprise wifi in highered.))