DevonThink to go sync limit

What’s the syncing limit for a database between DTP and DevonThink to go?

I can’t sync a folder-structure containing 1600 (mostly pdf) files from DTP to DevonThink to go. DTP crashes hard and the files are not reliably transferred. I always need 4-5 syncs until all files are transferred. But even then, lots of files don’t show in DT to go. Finding words or phrases doesn’t work in DTG.

Also: is there a pdf- filesize limit on DT to go?

Here’s a screenshot of the database properties:

No, but a bug in indexing files. This will be corrected with the next update of DEVONnote/DEVONthink for Mac and DEVONthink To Go.

Is there any chance to get my hands on a pre-release version with this fix? I am currently in my 30 days trial limit, but can’t really start working, because import stalls… :cry:

I have, however purchased the iOS app already, so I would be ready to test.