DevonThink to Go—Sync Problem

Hello to all! I am attempting to synchronise a rather large DevonThink database (15GB) between my MacbookPro and my iPad. I would prefer to synchronise only the metadata to the iPad, and I purchased the premium features on DevonThink to Go in order to be able to download files ‘on demand’. I spent several days syncing the DevonThink database to Dropbox, then attempted to sync DevonThink to Go with the DevonThink folder on Dropbox. Unfortunately, despite choosing the download ‘on demand’ option, DevonThink to Go seems to be downloading copies of everything—in fact, I can’t complete a sync because my iPad doesn’t have enough space to hold 15GB of content. Am I perhaps doing something wrong, or is this a known bug with a fix/workaround? Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer!

The amount of data that has to be downloaded depends on the items/contents of the database(s), e.g. in case of lots of small/medium sized files (up to 4 MB) the same amount of data has to be downloaded and therefore the import might temporarily require more disk space.

One possibility is to split the database and to synchronize one after another, another one is to synchronize the database first via Bonjour as this requires less disk space due to the direct communication.

Thanks very much for the suggestions! I’ll try these.