DEVONthink UI, borders are too thick and dark

Maybe I stand alone with this. But I think there is something wrong with DEVONthink’s UI. To be precise the borders or lines that seperates the different part of the UI are too thick and too dark compared with macOS in general, and also other windows like “Activity”.

As compared with this. Look how tiny and light the borders are. I would really like if DEVONthink would match macOS.

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Is it just me who doesn’t see a difference in borders between panels?

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I can totally see it, and I agree with the OP, but knowing DT it will take years of rejection before this suggestion might be taken up.

Do thicker borders influence your workflow negatively?

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Thank you for the feedback, this has been already changed in the latest internal builds and will be therefore part of the next public release.


Hopefully you won’t be surprised too much :smiley: