Devonthink upgrade, dropbox syncing not working anymore


I was using Devonthink Pro and I had a database with hundreds of pdfs.
I had that database synced with dropbox and also to Devonthink to Go though LAN syncing.

I had stopped using Devonthink pro for more than a year (due to a lack of a Mac).

Now, with a new mac, I am trying to get my dropbox synced database back into Devonthink.

But when I am trying to import the database through dropbox, it complains that the dropbox database was synced with with an older version of sync plugin and asks me to clear the remote cache.

If I accept, the database disappears.
I restored the dropbox deleted files and now I can see the database again in the import dialog, but still doesnt get imported, complaining with the same message.

I then tried to sync the DTtoGo with DTP but complains that it was synced with a different instanec of DTP and asks if I want to delete databases and sync with the new ones in DTP (which I dont want)

Another problem is that all the files in the dropbox sync are not pdfs anymore but a directory structure with content0, content1 etc.

I would like to find a way to import my db back into DTP and if that is not possible, to extract the database from dropbox sync (so I can preserve the hundreds of pdfs there).

DTP version: 2.7.7
DTtoGo version: the latest from App store

Any help is greatly appreciated as the db contains very important files to me.

And an update:

By a slip of the finger, I accidentally pressed the “replace the db” in DevonThink to Go, which resulted in the database getting erased (as it was not existing in DTP) so now I cannot even see my files on my ipad

As a result, my only hope is to extract the db from the dropbox synced db.

This is how it has always been when using the Sync plugin. Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

Yes, I know that the format in dropbox is that. I opened a support ticket, thanks :smiley: