devonthink widget

i assume there are just few people who use the - dare i say: :frowning: ugly - devonthink widget (i think it’s called devon-jot or so in the int. version).

it works very fine for me and i wouldn’t miss it, but is there an easy way to

  • make it a real rectangle?
  • get rid of the schoolbook appearance (the dt-logo and the pencil as well)?
  • have it a little larger (i don’t find 4-word lines very handsome)?

i’m nearly a no-programmer but i read that it should be quite easy to produce widgets. so perhaps someone has worked on that widget as well or can give me some hints how to proceed.
thank you.

The next version of DEVONthink will come with an updated widget design. It’s already here, made by a professional designer :slight_smile:

mhm. that means at least half a year of waiting
and there is no simple way to refurbish the existing widget, right?

I didn’t say v2.0, did I?