DevonThink will not create a new rich text document

Devon think will not create a new rich text or text document. Simply does not respond. Closing and restarting does not correct this.

Welcome @frankj

Is there a crossed pencil icon to the right of the database’s name in the Navigate sidebar?

No. But now I opened a database and now I can add an RTF. Before the only windows were the previous RTF and a document from another database. I guess the rule is that you have to have a database window open in order to open a new RTF, not just a document open. Which is odd. They should grey out the options if they are not going to work. These “weird tricks” that you have to know are what exasperated me so much before that I threw DT away in favor of Evernote, which I am not throwing away in favor of DT. Thanks for the response.

“now” not “not”

You’re welcome.