DevonThink with fiber optic fabric

i had posted recently of the time required to index 1TB of book size PDF. My question is has anyone had experience with using a fiber connection? would faster access improve indexing, or am i better to upgrade my mac pro 4,1?

Did the 1TB indexing job not finish?

When indexing, DEVONthink adds the text of the indexed files to its concordance so that Search and the AI will function. I’m not sure that fiber would speed that process, but it would reduce seek and transfer time. Before upgrading, do a test. Grab a GB or so of data, move it local, and time the indexing. Then index the same data while it is on the remote drive. You can test various access methods in between, but I’d think that if the first and second test do not show much difference, then faster network isn’t going to change the outcome.