DevonThink2's inbox remain stuck to screen edge after upgrade to Devonthink3

After upgrading to Devonthink3 my Devonthink 2 database was re-used as is (not copied or moved to the folder of DevonThink 3 databases). However, the little inbox drawer that pops out of from the edge of the screen is still Devonthink2 and is non-functional because I have removed the DevonThink2 app. How do I persuade DevonThink3 to take over the inbox drawer?


You can’t persuade it to do anything. Click the gear icon in the old Sorter and choose the quit option.

Thanks, BlueFrog for a quick and correct reply. Now the DevonThink2 inbox is gone. But how do I make DevonThink show its inbox there? Or is that a feature of the past? (I have looked through Preferences to see if I would enable it this way).


Found it - please ignore my previous mail (except for the thanks!)

No worries and you’re welcome :slight_smile: