DEVONthink3 license

Here it is September 30, 2020, and I see that my DEVONthink Pro Office is to expire!
I purchased the upgrade to DEVONthink3 via Paddle on 6/30/2020 but nowhere do I see DT3 in my DT account nor any way of activating DT3.
Is the upgrade automatic at the end of September 30? What do I do?

Presumably when you purchased DT3 you received a license code? My expectation would be that that code would work for both DT2 and DT3 (and is actually the reason your DT2 license is expiring). I would also assume that in DT2 you could remove your current license (in DT3 that is done by DEVONthink 3/License…/Remove) and enter your new code (as I say, DT3 license codes are valid for DT2). Alternatively, of course your DT3 code would also work for DT3 :wink:

If you didn’t receive a license code when you purchased DT3, that is of course a different kettle of fish - Paddle or DT would need to assist you in that case.

Are you trying to run Pro Office and DEVONthink 3?