DevonThinkHelper problem


I’m trying to install the new DT Pro version and all I’m getting when I drag it to the Applications folder is the message: “The operation can’t be completed because the item “DevonThinkHelper” is in use.”

What on earth is “DevonThinkHelper” and how do I switch it off?

Very grateful if someone could help out here as I can’t do any work until this little thing gets fixed.

Many thanks.

Launch Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities), sort by Process Name, select DEVONthinkHelper and Quit it. Do the same for DEVONthink Sorter if it’s still running.

Now you can delete the existing DT application version and replace it with a new downloaded version, or overwrite the existing version by the new downloaded version.

Thanks, Bill. In the event, what I did was somewhat simpler: I turned off the computer, turned it back on, then redragged the new version to the Apps folder. Worked like a charm . . . It’s amazing what turning off a computer can fix.

Thanks again.

True! :slight_smile: