DevonThinkHelper32 going crazy?

I’ve been doing my regular financial categorization today, and have run into a behavior that occurs quite often, but never did in the past:

While doing nothing more than selecting documents, clicking “move” in the classify pane, and using my scroll wheel to navigate the folder list, my DEVONthink Pro Office (2.7.2 on OS X 10.9) becomes non-responsive and shows a spinning beach ball of death for up to 1-2 minutes. During this time, the process DevonThinkHelper32 uses about 90-100% of a CPU, while the main app is totally non-responsive. This is making it extremely hard to use DEVONthink today.

I’m attaching Activity Monitor samples from both processes.


Note: In just the past half hour, this has happened to me maybe 12 times.
Process (107 KB)

Rebooting when this happens can be prophylactic.

I’ve rarely seen this behavior, though. If it’s never happened before but happened 12 times today then perhaps there’s something else amiss? If a reboot doesn’t help I’d suggest opening a ticket directly with Support.

I only just rebooted last night, so I would be highly surprised if rebooting was the answer. And yes, it keeps happening with very high frequency, so I think I will open a ticket with support. This is really unusable.

You haven’t provided any information on the database in question. If it’s a database with one file in it, there’s a more serious problem. If it’s a database with 16,000,000 documents… umm. :smiley:

It’s around 10k documents in 10G. The telling thing is that I’ve been using this database on a consistent basis for years and never seen this behavior.