DevonThinkPro and iGTD

I’ m a daily user of DTPro and iGTD. The new release of iGTD introduces a direct exchange between a selected text in DTP and iGTD through the well known iGTD’s F6 key command.
This feature does not work on my machine. As I do not receive any answer from iGTD forums, I’d like to know if other fellows, using both programs, also face this problem.

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Thanks in advance and sorry for this “a little bit off” topic

Does not work for me, either

Thanks AsafKeller. I know now this is not a problem related to my system.

I just tried this on my G5 and for some reason there was only .rtf-file (created inside of DT Pro a few weeks back) that managed the transfer of the selected text to the Task notes-section in iGTD. I tried with different .txt or .rtf-files that I created in or imported to DT Pro now, but I couldn’t get the selected text from those files to transfer in to the iGTD; only the title transfered smoothly every time to be the title of the task in iGTD. Sometimes the Task notes-section show the first few words of the text but usually it didn’t show anything.

The .rtf-file in DT Pro that works with the transfer contains text that I copied from an online e-mail client. When I tried it again it really seems to work, although when I’m in the e-mail client and choose to see the e-mail in “a raw format” (sorry, I translated that from Finnish, don’t know what’s the right term in English, although I guess it means basic text) and copy that to the rtf-file created in the DT Pro and then try the F6-transfer it doesn’t work.

So maybe the problems are coming from the encoding of the text?

I open a topic in iGTD forums to warn developpers about this problem.
The bug is in their bug tracking system

looks like this has been improved. :slight_smile:

What do you mean milhouse ?
I still have this bug on of iGTD !
You do not face this bug ?

I thought I read that it was fixed in the latest update.

My mistake. :blush: