DEVONthink's memory

I’m a bit frustrated by DTPO’s inability to remember how it was laid out before I closed the database.

When I collapse a group which has uncollapsed subgroups within it, then close and reopen the database, everything within that group has been collapsed. This, along with DT’s inability to remember where I was up to in a document, is, in my opinion, a real UI failure.

I love the AI of DT, but it feels like relatively little time has gone into thinking through this kind of UI feature.

Please make this work. Thankyou.

Hmmm. Well why close the “top” group then before quitting the database? I just leave it as I want, and when I re-open it it’s left where it was. It seems you’re generating a rather artificial case?

Closing a top group and then assuming stuff underneath it won’t be closed on quit and re-launch… odd?

I don’t close the top group for the sake of it, here’s my setup.

I have 5 top groups, covering reasonably discreet topics (which crossover, hence one DB). I want the current viewing state within each group to be remembered regardless of whether I quit or not.

Top group A is open because I’m working on it. It’s viewing state shows a number of subgroups open. I then close top group A and open top group B to work on that. Again, a number of its subgroups are open.

If I return to top group A, the viewing state has not changed, it is as I left it. Great.

If I quit before going back to A and then come back to it the next day, it’s all folded down. Every level of every group, which means I have to drill down to find what I was working on. I’m pleased DTP remembers the state of each group when I close it, but why can’t it remember when I quit and then reopen the DB? Particularly since you can only have one DB open at once.

Hi, Benjamin. From your description, I assume that the top-level view of your database displays 5 groups, which you called your top-level groups.

I always have my top-level view open, but also open the groups I’m currently working with in their own view windows. So, for example, I might have a view containing the contents of a group on toxicology, another view containing the contents of a group dealing with case histories of mercury contamination of edible fish, another view containing references on regulatory standards and another view containing my working notes and drafts.

When I close and later reopen the database, my working environment is restored. My reference material views are usually in the Three-Panes view, although often I use a Vertical Split view for my notes and drafts view.

I usually have from five to ten or more open view and document windows. I use Exposé to quickly access open views and documents that aren’t visible.

Hi Bill,

Thanks; I didn’t realise your workspace would be restored after quit if you have multiple windows open. While that sounds like a workable solution, I generally work with a single workspace and perhaps one or two additional documents open in their own windows, so saving the complete ‘tree’ of groups would be preferable.