DEVONthink's PDF reader as default

Shortly before starting to use DEVONthink just this week I had started exploring the Skim PDF reader for it’s annotating capabilities. While discussion of Skim on the forums suggests its capabilities in this regard are somewhat better than those of DEVONthink’s PDF reader, I had been wondering whether the DEVONthink reader might be made my default reader. The fact that annotations in Skim are not indexed in DEVONthink encouraged me along this line.

So, [1] is it possible to make DEVONthink the default PDF reader? [2] Is there some better solution that would provide for annotating and indexing of annotations?


Open With is controlled by Finder. Though you can set DT in Finder’s Get Info dialog as the default for one, or all, .pdfs (you need to slog through the “Other” list and locate DT, since it’s not known to Finder as a .pdf reader), all that happens when you open the pdf is that it gets imported into DT. DT doesn’t open it for viewing.

But…annotations made in DT are not “indexed” (I assume you mean searchable) either. :frowning:

Thanks, korm. No problem. After posting I had a chance to check Skim out a little more. I have to agree with others: It’s much better than DEVONthink’s PDF reader. Would be nice if Skim annotations could become indexable, and if Skim could be made electable as the default reader within DEVONthink.

[Actually, I don’t know how important indexing annotations is to me. Skim’s “marking up” capabilities will be plenty valuable without it.]