DevonThinkToGo not finding DevonThinkProOffice

Greetings, I’m new to Devon products, but learning fast. Not wanting to waste time asking questions already asked and answered I’ve searched this and the DT forum to find an answer. Having failed, I’ll post my problem.

I have installed DTPO, DTA, and DTN. I would like to sync DTTG with DTPO on my IPad. When I go through the set up process, DTTG finds my local network and DTN provides the 4 digit sync code, and the process goes through. DTPO does not pop-up and provide the sync code. My problem is, I want to sync with DTPO. Although, In an ideal world, I would sync to both DTPO and DTN. (I plan on using DTN for daily journals, tickler notes and random thoughts, and not cluttering DTPO with trivial items). But, if I have to close one, I’d rather sync to DTPO.

I tried re-setting DTTG sync setting, quitting DTN, and trying again. And, again, DTPO does not provide 4 digit code. I tried, quitting DTTG on my IPad, and restarting, still no DTPO.

I finally accepted the sync with Notes so I could start learning To Go on the iPad, but at some point I would like to switch to DTPO. (Note: I am new enough that I don’t have critical items in either Notes or To Go, I could loose the data without any problem. I am far enough into DTPO to want to insure that I don’t lose any of that data.)

Thank You

I suggest uninstalling DTTG on your iPad, doing a hard reboot of the iPad, reinstalling DTTG, making sure DN is not open on the desktop but DTPO is, and trying again. If that doesn’t resolve the conflict then post a service request directly to Support. (The Holidays will likely delay response time.)

Make sure that DN is not open when you sync in the future.

Thanks for your quick response.
I am reluctant to do a full hard reset. I don’t want to screw up the setting for all my other apps.

Note: I use a 17" Macbook Pro with i7, 4GB, running Lion 10.7.2

For the record. short of a hard reset, I did do the following this morning:
quit from DTN on my MacBook Pro
Left DTPO running
I deleted DevonNotesToGo off of my iPad
Connected to iTunes and reloaded DNTG
Selected Sync in DNTG on the iPad
Waited, after many minutes received a message saying Bonjur failed
Then, for a test, I opened DTN on my MacBook
Selected Sync on the iPad
My network appeared
I selected DTN, the 4 digit code appeared on my Mac book
I entered the 4 digit code into DTNTG, it synced, and works fine.

Again, I appreciate your response this morning. I’m going to a little more research, and submit a service report, before I resort to a re-set of my iPad. The sun is coming up in here in northern Minnesota, so i expect my loving spouse is going to suggest i have better things to do than work on my computer on Christmas, so I likely won’t do much more until next week.
Happy Holidays

We now have a big korm and a little korm!

As a FYI, there is a difference between a hard reboot and a hard reset. A hard reboot is accomplished by holding down the power button and the home button, ignoring the red shutdown slider, and waiting until the iOS device reboots. A hard reboot will clear out various caches that are not normally cleared by turning off the device. All your device and app settings will remain intact, unlike a hard reset from the iOS Preference app.

Hard reboots are harmless-I do them about once a week just to keep everything happy.

I didn’t catch this at first, too new to catch subtlety, and it wasn’t intentional, Dilbert was the closest match to myself I could find, without actually being creative. I hope Korm doesn’t mind.

Anyway, success, thanks Greg for the clarification between reboot and reset. It gave me the courage to do a reboot. Although it didn’t work, at first. Here’s the breakdown of what did work.

As advised, I quit from DTN, and left DTPO running
Deleted DTTG from my iPad and did a hard reboot (hold power and home keys at the same time until the white apple appears–about 15 to 20 seconds)

Re-installed DTTG via iTunes

Opened DTTG and pressed sync. The "Please select a computer…) dialog box came up, without finding my network, all that was visible was the “Action” to reset Sync Settings. This is the same place I got stuck in my first attempts. I gave it about 10 minutes, and gave up.

I started looking for settings/preferences to try. I found share this database under database properties and selected it (although, if someone is experiencing similar problems, I doubt this is the solution, I think its a coincidence)

What seems to have cured my problem was, while DTTG on the iPad was displaying the “Please select computer…”, I quit DTPO and then started it again. Almost immediately and simultaneously, the 4 digit sync code appears on my MacBook and the Enter Code appeared on iPad. I entered the code, and viola! it worked, I can sync!

I don’t know if the hard re-boot was actually a necessary step, although it did no harm.

Thanks again, Happy Holidays