Dict files?

Sorry, I couldn’t find the stupid question department so I’ll post mine here.

I only know enough about computers and programs to get into some serious  trouble… BUT… :wink: … “DevonMagic” seems taylor made to work with things like Dict files. The huge nasty files that are used in dictionary programs, and for other similar uses.  I sure would love to have the ability to have dict files locally on my hard drive and use Devon----- as a lightening fast “looker upper.” Also for use with other large information files, a great example is the  “CIA World Fact Book” which is regularly updated and a huge file with loads of info. Wouldn’t “DevonMagic” be just what the doctor ordered??

Yes? No? Crazy idea??

Good day to all.


You’ve got the general idea. So long as the files are among the types recognized by DEVONthink, they can be placed in a DT database. And I often think of DEVONthink as magic.

I don’t know about .Dict files specifically.

My own database is comprised of thousands of references, including more than 11 million words. DT is unsurpassed for managing and searching a large reference collection – and the “magic” is supplied by DT’s contextual recognition features, like “See Also.”

Having said that, allthough I’ve got an earlier (2001) set of CIA World Fact Book HTML and PDF files on my computer, I’ve not included it in my DT database. First, geography and political geography are not my primary interests, although I do use the Fact Book once in a while. Second, for my simple information needs, the Fact Book is already pretty well organized. Finally, although the CIA said it used “standard” HTML, Safari had some problems with the 2001 version. I haven’t checked the 2004 version. But if I were heavily into political geography, I’m sure the CIA World Fact Book would be in my DT database!


thank you for the suggestion. Could you send some example files to feedback at devon-technologies.com (just replace “at” with the appropriate character - we’re already receiving too much spam) and I’ll check if it’s possible to import them in a useful way.

Me too please! There are some standard formats for Japanese dictionaries which I would really love to have at hand when working in DT.


I sent an email to Chirstian’s listed address. I hope this answers all the info needed.  For anyone who wants to know about .Dict files and their care and feeding, there is more info than you can possibly want at dict.org under resources, links.  

BTW Dict.org is a great on-line dictionary source. I was just hoping to use the publicly available .Dict files along with DevonThink to go a step above.


thanks for the files and the links - I’ll check this as soon as some time will be available.