Did it crash my macmail?

Yesterday I upgraded to DTP and then also tried to add DA yesterday. I may have moved scripts over in a wrong fashion. Anyway, my mail has suddenly crashed. When I try to open it, I get a message that mail closed unexpectedly. Everytime, I try to relaunch or close it and launch, I get the same message.

Thanks for your help!

DTP and DA don’t install any contextual menu items, input managers or other plug-ins and therefore can’t crash Mail. But deleting caches (~/Library/Caches) and/or restarting the computer might fix the issue.


My IT person just fixed my email. I will re-install the programs and see what happens. BTW - I’m confused about whether I need to move over the extra folders into “applications” or do the programs automatically include those when they start the first time. Thought I read where the program will install automatically. Just want to check.

I greatly appreciate your help and do love DT.

All subfolders of the “Extras” folder contain a document descriping the contents of the folder and how to install them. But usually you don’t need the extras anyway.

BUT DTPO installs a Mail Bundle, which certainly could crash mail, no?

Since the plugin doesn’t do much until it is contacted from within DTPO or the user opens a menu, that is a big “could”.

Indeed. But DT and DTP don’t.

My IT person fixed the email. I’ve reloaded DTPO and Devon Agent and all is working fine. I appreciate the quick responses I have received. Makes me all the more enthusiastic about using these products.