Did RSS Feeds change from Formatted Note to HTML on March 5?

My several RSS feeds have changed their formats from “formatted note” to “HTML” on or about March 5, 2019. See screenshot:

Does anyone know why that happened? This is MUCH less useful to me and I want to put them back to the formatted note option.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome @lsievert

May I ask what’s “MUCH less useful” about HTML files? Formatted Notes are just a type of HTML file.

I’m just seeing the header of the post, as opposed to having the entire text downloaded into Devonthink Office Pro.

What feed are you referring to? An RSS article typically does not display the full text of the page. It generally shows a summary and a link to the page. For example, I am seeing no difference in RSS from this forum…

I have 4 RSS feeds set up in Devonthink Office Pro. They all used to bring in the full blog post. Now only 3 of them bring in the full text (so you are correct that for 3 out of the 4, the change from Formatted Note to HTML made no difference). But for one of them, that change has meant that I only see the header, not the full text of the article. It sounds like you’re telling me that it’s the other three blogs that are weird in that receiving the full text is not the expected behavior. But it’s the full text that is most useful to have in DevonThink because that’s what I want to be able to search and that’s why I set up the RSS feeds in DevonThink in the first place.

My plan now is to delete the feed that is only feeding me the header and keep my fingers crossed that the other three feeds continue to download full article text.

My experience is that the display of full or partial text is entirely dependent on the publisher of the blog. Blogs that have heavy advertising content want users to view and click on ads, so they only provide a partial view of the article.

Regardless of full vs. partial feeds, I have never seen DEVONthink provide RSS feeds in Formatted Note format. I always need to convert the articles, assuming I want to edit them. The ability to edit articles directly in DEVONthink is the only difference I see between Formatted Note and regular HTML pages.

this is fixed with the options of DT3. you can set the default to markdown and correctly display the full content of all feeds. HTML depends on the publisher as correctly noted, but MD downloads correctly the content for reasons I ignore. your question explained me how to solve my problem, thanks!

Ok no it does not. :frowning_face: some still do not work in markdown. I guess we should need to move RSS preferences from application level to database or to RSS feed group level. this way we can split the logic as required and DT keeps being a working RSS reader too, among all the other good things it already is.