Diff between Import & Move

Still just getting started here…

  • Items created by my client (Word, .ppt, .pdf) are indexed to DTP
  • Research items (clips of Web, etc) are imported.


  • I notice that certain items can be moved to DPT. Are those the same as imported?
  • When items like .docx or .ppt are imported or moved to DPT, and I open them to edit, where are the changes saved – in the filesystem or the DPT database, or both?

When an item is Moved into Database it is imported and no longer in the external folder. When it is Moved to External Folder it becomes indexed and is placed in the external folder.

The changes are saved in the document. The document can reside either in a Finder folder (indexed) or in the database (imported). In either case, the document and its contents are just like any other document, be it .docx, .ppt. xlsx, .rtf, .psd, and so forth.

Thanks, korm. No ambiguity there. Much appreciated.