Difference between comments field in properties & info pane

There appear to be 2 different places to put comments for documents - in the file properties window, and in the info pane. Why are there 2, what is the difference between the 2 and which one should I use? Thanks.

The one in the Info pane is Spotlight Comments, visible in the Finder and applicable to all fileTypes. The other Comment is only applicable to RTF files.

Thanks Bluefrog - from your answer, I am left wondering - why would anyone use the comments field in the properties pane then, when the other one is more “universal”?

Because it’s part of the RTF specification used by many people for many years. Also, Spotlight Comments are not cross-platform compatible.

Hmmm…fair enough. The ability to add comments is important, including for scientific articles where an appraisal of the article may be required. As long as spotlight comments is suitable for this (i.e. the character limit is not set too low).