Difference between email import and email archive?

Hello. I am using DTPO 2.8.2 on Yosemite.

I am trying to clean up my email and have been using Import and Archive interchangably for emails, but I’m guessing there is an important distinction. Can you please explain when I should be using which one? As a use case, I imported a bunch of old emails and now I plan to periodically offload sent emails and delete the ones on the server that are more than 6 months old.


From DEVONthink’s Help…

Thanks, I appreciate that. I now have a good understanding of “Import” for email.

Can you please explain the difference between that and “Archive”?

Many thanks.

Archive ==> Everthing is Added to DEVONthink
Import ==> Less than Everything is Added to DEVONthink

Okay, thanks.

So just to be sure, and sorry if I’m being thick… I imported originally, and I use Archive on an ongoing basis to incrementally add to the database… right?

Many thanks.

You could. Personally, I would do the opposite. Archive Mailbox to initially capture everything, and then use Import (along with selectively chosing the recent messages) to update because I usually don’t want each new message saved.

I agree with korm here… or just use Import and do some intelligent pre-filtering (by which I mean, stop and think, “Do I really need this??” :mrgreen: ).