Difference between Properties, Annotations and Tags, in the document tab and info and annotations tabs

I noticed that a tag and annotation put in the info and annotations tab, dont show up in the document tab of the inspector. a bit confused as to the difference and how to use.

The Document tab in the inspector doesn’t have a field for tags, so I wouldn’t expect tags to appear there. Any information displayed in the Properties section of the Document tab will be metadata which is directly integrated in the file (i.e., which you would also see if you opened the info tab in Finder). As for annotations, the annotations made in the Annotations & Reminders tab create a separate file (which is kept in the Annotations group) with whatever content it is that you add; the file you are annotating can be of any format and remains unchanged. The Annotations section of the Document tab shows you annotations which have been made directly in the (pdf) file, such as highlighting, commenting etc. (which you may undertake with a different piece of software, such as Acrobat for example). These annotations will be visible to anybody you share the file with; they are alterations to the file.

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my bad, it was “keywords”, but I took that to mean tags…
As for the rest, good to know. I think I understand…
One question… I happened to paste something into annotations field and it created a file that I didn’t need. I deleted that file, but the annotation still existed in the info pane. what’s the relationship then? is it only 1 way? is it ok to delete the file? and can it be recreated?

It will no longer exist once you have emptied trash (and then take another look at the file which you originally annotated; if you empty the trash whilst you are looking at the annotations pane of the annotated file, the annotation will not immediately disappear, i.e., it must be cached). As such: yes, it’s ok to delete the file, no it can’t be recreated once it’s properly gone.

great, thx!