Difference in print quality of searchable and non-searchable

Wenn I import or index pdfs as pure pdfs (non readable, searchable) the printing quality of them is ok. When I let OCR the pdsf (eg while scanning or afterwards in DTP Office) the printing quality is a lot worse. Why? -and- What can I do?

Thanks Peter

Hi, Peter. When an image-only PDF is run through OCR it is re-rasterized. That usually increases the file size. Currently, the resolution of files OCR’d in DT Pro Office is 150 dpi, which is a compromise between file size and print quality.

It’s possible that a future version may allow a user choice of saving at high or low resolution. Even then, the image quality may not be as good as the original.

If the print quality of the original PDFs is especially important, you might wish to retain them as well as the PDF+Text version.