Differences in group display between DTTG on iPhone and iPad

I have DTTG 3.6.4 (17291) on an iPhone and iPad, and have the same database synced between them and my two Macs. The settings are (I believe) identical on the iPhone and iPad. On the iPad, when I open the database, I see a grouping called “SPECIAL” that includes Annotations, Inbox, Mobile Sync, and Orphaned Files, followed by “GROUPS” that lists the groups in the database. When I open the same database on the iPhone, those four special groups are intermixed (in alphabetical order) with the rest of the groups in the database.

I know that this is a “little thing”, but is there any way to get the special groups displayed identically between the iPhone and the iPad, or was this a DTTG design choice? Thanks!

Do you definitely use the same version of DEVONthink To Go? In that case the sorting might be different, e.g. sorted by kind on one device, sorted by name on the other one.

That was it. The iPhone was sorting by name and the iPad by kind. I set them both to kind and they’re now identical. Thanks!