Different behaviour in sharing Tinderbox note

I’m happy to see the integration with Tinderbox (also duly documented in the Help of DT3). Here I’ve found an inconsistent result in copying a TB note into DT3 depending on the procedure. Here a screenshot of a minimal note which I’ve used as a test:

Following the procedure outlined in the DT3 help page I copy the note in Tinderbox, move to DT and use Create New Note (Cmd+N). It works as documented with i) the note title “My TB title” now the name of the file ii) the tags copied and iii) the note text “My TB text” as the text of the new file iv) a back reference link to the original TB note (I love this feature). The proof in the screenshot:

However - if I choose the same note in Tinderbox and choose “Share/Add to Devonthink” in Tinderbox v8.0 I get the following note in the sorter:

The “Name” is wrong - it should be “My TB title” and the content is missing and should be “My TB text”. It seems the fields are mixed up somehow in the share process.

Drag & drop and Data > New from Clipboard (Cmd-N) both use data provided by Tinderbox especially for third-party apps like DEVONthink, the sharing extension doesn’t support this.