different file extension for text file

Hi there,

Just getting started with Devonthink, I ran into the following problem:

I have a bunch of files which are plain text files, but have the extension .org How can I import/index them with Devonthink? Currently, it just looks at the extension and gives up, that is, it imports the files, but does not index them and no preview is available.

Any help appreciated,


If it really just a plain text file, changing the file extension to .txt should work. Just rename the file.

You should rename it before you import it into your database.

Hi Bernd,

Thanks for your answer. Renaming the files to .txt would work, but make them unusable in the other application, so I would rather like to teach Devonthink to recognize this other extension also as text.


Since I’m not a dev of DT, I’m not sure, but I think DT uses the Quick Look feature from Mac OS X. Do you have a preview of these files in Finder?

The only thing I can think of now is to index the file and open it externally with whatever program you need. But this is essentially what you are doing anyway, right?