different folder/group icons


Why are some group/folder icons smaller than all others (see attached screenshot)?

Kind regards, Friedrich
Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-08 um 14.27.35.png

DEVONthink imports custom icons of folders and uses the standard icon otherwise.

I do not use custom icons or folders.

Kind regards, Friedrich

How did you create the groups with the smaller icons? Some of the smart templates use custom icons too.

Either by Cmd+Shift+N or by Cmd+Alt+X in order to index an existing folder.

Kind regards, Friedrich

Are you able to reproduce this and to create the wrong icon by performing certain steps?

Unfortunately I can not reproduce such smaller group icons. I have no idea where those different icons came from.

Try this,

Select the group > Tools > Show Info…

In the Info Window select the icon and then delete it with backspace.
The default icon should appear.

Done. Thank you. Kind regards, Friedrich