Different item link of the same file in the same database in two Macs

I sync the same database in three devices. Two Mac. I have to approach the same file at home and in the office. So, I indexed my files in dropbox and synced them between two Macs.

In order not to duplicate the files in the Devonthink database. I sync database via sync location of dropbox without sync content of indexed files.

截圖 2021-04-30 17.55.49

But the item link of the same files was different in the two Macs.

截圖 2021-04-30 17.52.37

Is anyone know how to fix it?

Is the target of these item links an indexed item? A tag? A news of a feed?

That is a markdown file in dropbox and is indexed.

Does modifying one of the two items and synchronizing fix this?

No, I have synced for several times.
The file can be opened correctly in both Mac. However, the item link was different.

it seam these item links of the same file were from different database. But in fact, I synced the same database.

And did you modify one of the files as suggested before synchronizing?

yes, I delete the links in the note and then changed something of the target note.
Re-Copy the item link in both Macs.
The item links were the same before sync and after sync. Two different item links in two Macs.

截圖 2021-04-30 19.54.38

now, I am trying to verify the database on cloud.

Did you synchronize the Macs before copying the item link but after modifying the note?

yes, the change of target note changed correctly.
I have confirmed the change on both Macs.

Please try this:

  1. Change e.g. the label or flag of the note and synchronize both Macs.
  2. Now execute this script in Apple’s Script Editor.app on both Macs while the note is selected (this is important)
tell application id "DNtp"
	return uuid of selected records
end tell

Could you please post the result of the script on both Macs? Thanks!

Thank for your help.
But in the weekend, I upgrade my Mac mini to New M1 edition and reinstall a new Devonthink.
So strange, the problem was resolved spontaneously.

Recently, the problem recurred again. The most weird is that the item link of the same file on DTTG of my iPhone sometime equal to my MacBook Pro and sometime to MacMini.

One thing I have noticed, the problem maybe related to the time difference between sync of Devonthink and the indexed files in Dropbox.
Now, I tried to change the setting about the duplicated files management when syncing. Hope that can fix the problem.

Yes, a duplicated file - including one created in a sync conflict - will have a new UUID as it’s not the same file and two files can’t have the same UUID in a database.

The difference between sync of devonthink to icloudkit and the sync of files to dropbox maybe the main cause of this problem, I think.

But the problem is there are only one file shown in two Mac devonthink but the item links are different.
I don’t see any duplicates of the affected files. On that way, I can united the two different item link together unless I delete the files and reindex them again.

Did anyone have similar problem?
Or anyone have solution?