Different pdf-Versions of the same document at once

Hi There,

I have a pdf in my database in DTPO 1.3.4. I opened it in Preview (Leo Version 10.5.1). Then I delete some pages, saved, and close the pdf.

Aftewards, I watch the pdf in my DTPO database, but it is the old version, the deleted pages included. But, then I opened the pdf in Preview again and: It shows me the pdf without the pages I had deleted before.

What happend here?

In your database, select that PDF and press File > Synchronize. Now look at the file from within your database. Changed?

yes, works.

Thanks once again.



… but, as I realize now. Preview changed the pdf from a “OCRed” pdf to an image-pdf.

Before the deletion of the pages, I could highlight text, after that, it´s not possible anymore.

I repeated the procedere outwards of the database, and it seems, that this is a problem of Preview.

Not nice.

That seems a bug in their PDF handling. If you feel so inclined you may want to report it to Apple.