Different views for different groups

I don’t think I’ve seen this is the documentation, nor discussed here. I’d like to have “default” views for different Groups. For example, I have a smart group that sorts e-mails, which I’d like to present “threaded” by conversation. For another group, I’d like it sorted by kind so I can find powerpoints and word docs …
A similar feature is present in the Finder, where each folder retains the chosen view.
However, it seems to me (unless I’ve fudged a setting somewhere) that whatever view I choose is retained as I navigate from group to group in my database. Is that really the case?


Did you disable the option to retain the view (see Preferences > General)?

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Retain view” and "Double-click opens groups in a new window" are both unchecked. Per the manual:

Retain view: When the above option, Double-click opens groups in a new window , is unchecked, the actual view settings are maintained when you navigate the group structure instead of the group’s individual settings being applied.

… I should be seeing “individual settings” being applied. Which is not the case - I see the same setting applied everywhere.
I’m probably doing something wrong but I can’t figure out what.

Oh wait … managing expectations:
I realise now that the type of view is individual, (eg. “icons”, “flow” …) as well as the “sorted by Names, or by threads …” . However the columns for the “list view” are the same for all “list views”.
Is that accurate?

The description is not correct, I’ll forward this.

That’s correct. Sorting is always group specific, the view depends on the Retain view setting but the columns of List view are not remembered for each group (only for each database and global smart rule/group).

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Got it.
It’s not optimal (for a group of e-mails, I’d like to see the “To” and “From” columns, e.g, whereas for a group of documents these columns occupy space needlessly. ) but I can live with it.
Could I also suggest that in the discussion on “Views” there is a reference to the “Retain view” option …?

Thanks anyway for your quick replies. Cheers!

Groups do not retain their View

But Smart Groups do

So the workaround is to create a Smart Group to show the group you are interested in

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