Difficult sync

Hello, I want to exclude old databases from syncing (DTPO via iCloud). I deleted the old location and built new databases from scratch. Unfortunately, the new DB does not sync. In the database pane, there is always the message ‘Not yet synchronized, upload database’. The DB is small, only few KBs. I need to have it in DTGO on my iPad.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

What is reported in Window > Log?

Ah !!!
Invalid encryption key !!! :blush:

What can I do for restarting a completely new Sync with my iPad?

  1. In DTTG’s Settings > Sync: Edit Locations, touch the Edit link and delete the iCloud location.
  2. In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, right-click the iCloud sync location and choose Clean Location. This will clear out any sync data. You can now add, modify, or remove an encryption key for the sync location , but it must be done before you sync a database.
  3. After the clean is done, check the checkboxes next to the databases, in the Databases pane on the right, to sync to the location again.
  4. After a successful sync, set up the iCloud location in DTTG, using the same encryption key, if you specified one.

Remember, DTSync is done locally, then iCloud uploads to Apple’s servers, then to devices using your Apple ID. This means databases may not be immediately available to sync on the other devices. The initial sync requires patience, as we have no control over the speed and reliability of iCloud’s process.

Also bear in mind, DTTG should be in the foreground and the mobile device awake for the initial sync. The Background App Refresh option is controlled entirely by iOS and only allows approximately a 30 second window, when it allows it to happen. This means we can’t control if, when, or how long it happens. Subsequent syncs are faster since there’s less data being transferred.

Thank you very much !!!
Best wishes for the New Year


You’re very welcome. A safe and Happy New Year’s to you and yours, as well!

Just want to say that I just ran into a similar problem. I’m not sure how long my phone and desktop had been out of sync, but after following the instructions above things are now how they should be. Thank you.

Glad to hear it and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve been having problems with sync too and found this thread. For the benefit of future searchers: The instructions for cleaning a location in DT3 seem to be very slightly different: In DevonThink 3 to clear the iCloud sync location, select the location in the Preference pane, then look a short distance below to the gear icon. Click that icon and select “clean location.”

Background, potentially useful: I was having trouble with syncing on Dropbox. Some databases I did not use often on the iPhone/iPad were not syncing properly to those devices. I checked one database on the iPad yesterday and found it was six weeks out of date. I had a similar problem with another database weeks ago.

Simultaneous to that I decided to transition off Dropbox for everything – a decision having nothing to do with DT; it’s just that I think iCloud is good enough and I don’t need to spend for the paid Dropbox tier anymore.

So I decided to switch DT sync to iCloud.

I have had some difficulty with the switch. I believe I had an earlier iCloud sync store that was creating problems for me in creating a new sync store. I cleared that store using the above instructions, and then set up a fresh sync store. That seems to have worked syncing the Mac to iCloud.

I also deleted DevonThink from the iPhone and reinstalled it – clean install. I configured iCloud sync on the iPhone and it seems to have successfully downloaded and synced my databases. Yay!

Later today I will see if it works equally well on the iPad, with a clean re-install of DevonThink.