Difficulty selecting text after OCR

Sometimes after OCRing a scan, I’ve been able to drag over a portion of the text to select and copy it (it highlights blue). When I tried recently, though, I could not highlight individual words or lines of text; the whole page might turn blue (solid rectangle, not selecting multiple lines).

How do I ensure I’m able to highlight/select text after OCR?

EDIT: I just tried OCRing the same scan on my laptop and separately on my desktop machine (both running DT3 Pro). With all the same settings (that I can see), I’m able to select the text after OCR on the laptop’s document but not on the desktop’s document. So I think this is a bug of some sort. I still welcome any workaround/fix!

What is the word count of those records?

It shows 540 words.

The same document OCRed on the laptop shows 533 words.

I’ve tried multiple documents, so there are different #s in each. I have one with 4000+ words showing in the count.

If you perform OCR on the document on your laptop and then sync that file to your desktop, does the desktop DT show the same behavior?

I was wondering from your first post whether it would result in 0 or 1 word. Multiple words seems to be what you would expect. Does the concordance show actual words in the document you cannot select words in?

Just now, I copied the document I OCRed on my laptop’s DT3P to DT3P on the desktop, and I am able to select text normally on that one on the desktop machine, too.

The same document OCRed on the desktop does not have selectable text, though the text is searchable in DT3P.

Re the concordance:

With documents OCRed in DT3P on the desktop, clicking on a term in the concordance does not highlight anything in the document.

With the document OCRed in DT3P on the laptop and copied over to the desktop DT3P, clicking on a term in the concordance does highlight the terms in the document.

This is possibly related to the ongoing issue with OCR as I reported here.

But the problem described here seems to be machine specific, although different versions of DT might be installed perhaps.

Both of these are fresh installs, and the same macOS. Of course, these two machines have their idiosyncrasies, so they’re not “identical.”

I saw the note that ScanSnap Manager is back in business for our S300M, so for now, my workaround is having the ScanSnap Manager do the OCR before importing the files to DT.

Yes, I’ve encountered the same issue with a ScanSnap ix500, MacOS 10.15.6, and DEVONthink 3.5.1. Until the maintenance release is available, I been scanning to disk with ScanSnap Manager doing the OCR, then importing into DT.

Thanks, amalis. It’s good to know it’s not an isolated (with me) issue. I’ll do the same for now, too.