Difficulty typing in cells of sheets

I commonly have difficulty typing in cells of different sheets. As I type previously letters and numbers disappear. Sometimes I can type into a cell ok and then it will start happening again making it almost impossible to entire anything into sheets.

I’m using DV3.
It can start immediately after creating anew sheet or it can happen after a few minutes.
New or old sheets have the same behavior.

What kind of columns does the sheet use?

Multiline text is the default and is set for most columns.

Do you enter sheet data in form or table view? In addition, does this still happen after disabling the automatic sync and/or automatic refresh of RSS feeds in preferences?

This is in table view.
Autosync of RSS feeds is disabled already.

And switching the sync (see Preferences > Sync) to e.g. hourly or manually instead of automatically? Does this make a difference?

Doesn’t seem to make a difference

Could you please send such a sheet plus steps how to reproduce this to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks.

Ok. I cannot find a single sheet that reliable has the problem since the problem is unpredictable. Some cells work, some don’t. And they change frequently. I now see that the problem is totally unpredictable and happens in other text boxes, but only within Devonthink.

For instance, I just tried to edit the name of a group in the Navigation Pane. I click on the name and it changes to be editable, but it stops being editable before I can type more than a character or two.

Does this still happen after disabling automatic synchronizing (see Preferences > Sync) and refreshing of feeds (see Preferences > RSS)?

Changing autosync to manual didn’t have an effect on the problem.
Changing RSS update to Manually from Every Hour did stop the problem.
Now I am just leaving Sync on automatic and RSS update on manual.

How many feeds do your database contain? An hourly refresh of feeds shouldn’t be noticeable usually.

I have 174 items classified as feeds. They are all from an imported Evernote database. In Evernote they are just notes with url’s. I wasn’t even aware they were treated as feeds.

Does the URL begin with feed://…? Otherwise DEVONthink shouldn’t automatically create feeds.

No. The urls begin with http or https. The groups they are in have the feed icon though. They were all created by using the Evernote import tool.