Digest list entries are suffixed with a parenthesized number

Hi folks:

I’ve been running some search sets and now notice that each entry in the digest list is suffixed by an integer, for example:


Next Generation Learning Challenges | Next Gen Education | NGLC (52)

Read the NGLC team’s message to our community on June 4, 2020 , how we will respond to the injustice of racial violence, White supremacy, economic crisis, and COVID -19 on Black Americans. (Video: Take …


Home - The Hechinger Report (69)

BOSTON – For almost a decade, Simón López, the special education coordinator at Boston’s Sarah Greenwood School , has been fighting against the school district that employs him. He has lobbied principals,…


EdTech Update (261)

In a couple of recent posts, I said: One of the biggest challenges of ‘ remote learning’ over the past few months has been that most of the motivators been pared away. For many students, all that has been …



what do these numbers mean?


A screen capture would help.

hello Jim:

I’ve attached a screen shot.

That would be the number of items detected by the specified scanner.

Here I have the scanner set to Embedded Images



Thanks for the reply Jim, that is handy to know.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: