Digital Spring Cleaning + DTPO

Hey folks,

I have been using DTPO 2.0b’s for a while now, but haven’t really brought my database into order to suit a daily workflow. (I keep trying to find time to watch more of the tutorial videos etc to figure out how to gauge what to do in DTPO and what in Finder.)

I dragged many, many files into here over the past few months, documents, images, etc., and have a database in approaching 5gb (and an older .dtBase from DTPO 1 that is at 3.7gb). I have noticed that there have been times (perhaps early in the beta series?) where I deleted a reference to media in DTPO without removing the file itself from the folders that make up the DTPO database. So now I’m trying to figure out how to cull the files not listed in the database from the .dtBase2 package, and working out a system of “external” (ie Finder) folders that I need for files i need to access mostly outside of DTPO (and can be sync files in DTOPO) and “internal” (ie within DTPO) files.

Because I’m under the impression that it would be a benefit to me (in terms of AI) to remove files that I don’t need to be “owned” by DTPO and put the folders in order.

Any suggestions ?


Juse use Tools > Verify & Repair, this will discover all orphaned files and add them to the database again.

Thank you! very helpful.