Dingy gray PDFs afer OCR'ing in DTPO 2?

Anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t matter how I get a scan into DTPO 2 - ImageScan, Exact Scan, or a JPG that I scanned outside of DevonThink. Without fail, the nice crisp white-page-with-dark-text appearance that I create via the light/dark & contrast settings is morphed by the OCR process into a page that is a dark dingy gray.

Since I want to be able to print PDFs on occasion, this is not helpful. The only alternative I can imagine at this point is keeping a separate collection of non-OCR’d PDFs outside of DT, just so I can print one if I need to - but that would turn the whole process rather cumbersome. I would rather find out that there is some setting I can tweak. I don’t see one at the moment. Even at 100 percent quality in the OCR Preferences pane the outcome is the same - yucky gray pages.

Is this also happening with the interim release of yesterday? If so, please send a sample before and after OCR to support@devon-technologies.com and we can take a look at it.

OK - thanks - I will send a zip with before & after files now & reference this thread on the forum.

Devon Support e-mailed me about the dinginess (which I get with ExactScan as well) & suggested a workaround - create a Quartz filter for increased contrast and save the PDF file in Preview using this filter. I’ve done this and it works very nicely - if I want a nice crisp-looking PDF this is a way to get it back with a little extra work.