Direct computer to body data transfers

As this is still 1 April, 2011 in some parts of the world, I’m posting a link to an exciting article from New Scientist, announcing new software that allows direct transfer of data from a computer to the human body.

See … ation.html

We don’t normally announce major new features in DEVONthink and DEVONagent in advance. However, in view of the somewhat primitive software announced in the New Scientist article I can reveal that DEVONtechnologies will add a far more powerful feature to DEVONthink and DEVONagent in their next maintenance releases.

Our software already allows users to collect documents that contain information and stoe them in databases or archives.

A remaining problem, however, is that the user should then read the captured documents. That takes time and effort.

The next releases of our software will relieve the user from such drudgery. By touching the name of a document on the display screen the information content is immediately transferred to the user’s brain. There’s no longer a need to read documents!

Avid keyboarders may be disappoint by one requirement of the new feature. Information transfer cannot be triggered by selection of a document via the keyboard. The user must touch the desired document on the screen.

This new feature will work only on Macs running Snow Leopard or later. Unfortunately, although iOS devices have touch screens, it cannot (yet) be implemented on iOS devices.

If you believed any of this, including the New Scientist article – April Fool! :slight_smile:

However, I understand that Jon will be implementing this technology into the new Palm and Windows 7 plug-ins!