Direct connect sync between 3 devices

I’m doing a direct connect sync between three devices. Macbook Air, iPad Air 2, and iPhone 7+.

Direct connecting both iOS devices to the Macbook Air works fine, and i can keep everything in sync–as long as everything uses the Macbook Air as their connection.

I’d like to be able to direct connect sync between the two iOS devices for when i’m travelling and don’t have the laptop with me.

I don’t see a way to create another location, with, for example, the iPad acting as the Bonjour server. I assume i could delete the location to the Macbook Air, sync between the two iOS devices, then recreate the Macbook Air location when i need it, but I’d prefer to only have to set things up once and forget it.

Is it possible to sync that way with two devices acting as a bonjour server? Both ios devices connecting to the macbook, and the ios devices connectiong to one another as well.

Unless I have to I’d prefer not to switch to a sync store on Dropbox…but that would do what I need.

You can use Settings > Bonjour > Set Options > Enable Incoming Connections on one device (do not set this up on both). Then on the other device use Settings > Edit Locations to connect to the local connection on the first device.
The problem is that you still need a Bonjour-aware network in the middle. If one or other other device is broadband-enabled you can enable a personal hotspot network on that device, which would be the one where you would also enable incoming connections. Or if you are in a locale that has Bonjour-aware Wifi, then use that.

Thanks, I got it working this morning.
It appears I was doing everything right, but my iPad wasn’t showing up as a location to log into. It did show up this morning, for some reason. I then tried to sync to my laptop, which also took awhile to show up as being online.

So I can get everything to sync the way I would like, as long as I’m patient. I thought in the past the devices would show up on the network fairly quickly, but now they are taking awhile.