Direct PDF saving to DT and DT Pro


I’m running DT Pro on a new iBook and Tiger with all updates. It seems, it is not possible to use the “Save to Devonthink Pro.scr” option within the printing dialog anymore.

Any hints why?


I’m guessing that you transferred files to a new computer. In any case, try this:

In the DT Pro menu bar, select Help > Install Add-ons.

Is the script now available when you select File > Print, then hold down the PDF button?

Sorry, I missed to point out, that the button is already there, but it gives only an error message back while using it. The message is:

Printing - An error occured while printing.

And I’ve not transferred files, or anything else, to a new computer. All is (was) a clean install.

Have you set up a default printer on the iBook? If not, do so.

Then reboot. Try again. Does it work now?

Hm, I haven’t got any printer configured. The pdf-output is the only “printer” I use on this machine. I own no printer…

Seems to be a problem.


I had the same problem and reported it to the Devon feedback e-mail address a while ago.

As far as I remember, it’s caused by missing resource forks or something like that. If I remember rightly, it can be fixed by opening the scripts in Script Editor and simply saving them again. The scripts are located in Library/PDF Services - so simply double-click them there and save them again.

Maybe that helps.

You can call yourself “Hero of the day”.

This is the answer, and not the 42… :wink:

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the tip about re-saving all scripts. None of the folder action or PDF services scripts worked until I did this. I hope that Devon Technologies personnel are aware of this since it caused me a good deal of frustration. I should note that mail action scripts work without re-saving.

Thanks, warp. And my apologies to Thyrfing.

I’m working in a beta in which that script glitch has been fixed, so I had forgotten about the glitch. :slight_smile: