Direct synch with devonthink to go has disappeared in V3?

I must be blind or stupid or missing something. Until recently I could synch between laptop and iphone instances of Devonthink directly, now, with V3, this option has disappeared (or is well hidden?). Over many (less than 10 but close to it) years I’ve accumulated several databases, totalling about 20 gig.

What am I doing wrong (I so hope I am!)? Or do I have to pay a monthly fee to some “cloud” provider now??? If there’s no direct synch anymore, then I might want my money back, at least for the iphone app. Or maybe I’ll stick with v.2 and get Paypal to cancel my today’s purchase for v3 as “significantly different from described” :pensive:

Am rather upset rn and am feeling like abandoning Devonthink in favour of Evernote or something :sob:

If I’m to pay a monthly fee purely for the synching purposes, it’d be to Evernote and not to Apple or Dropbox. Call me old school but I’m not into subscription model (or “in-app purchases” :roll_eyes:) and I like having my data locally.

Please tell me I’m mistaken and Devonthink hasn’t become a toy top play with small datasets or a money drain. I stuck with it despite its endless bugs and quirks for too long to quietly abandon my little mobile data collection routine.

It has not disappeared and it’s not hidden.
It’s in the exact same place it was in DEVONthink 2…

Walk me through this. What do I set up on the mobile instance? And on the desktop,


had to multipost because “new users had only add one image to a post” :roll_eyes:

It’s the same a v2. Enable bonjour sync in DT (“Enable incoming connections”). Assuming your network is setup correctly, and both devices are on the same network, you will see your computer listed in the available sync locations in DTTG as a “Local Network” location:

@daniel1113 is correct.

Bonjour can be used to sync between devices, IF :

  1. The devices are on the same network
  2. The network is private or one that allows Bonjour connections or non-standard ports. (Public and corporate WiFi sometimes disallow these.)
  3. Your firewall or an application like Little Snitch is Off or has exceptions added for DEVONthink’s traffic.
  4. Both devices are On and running DEVONthink / DEVONthink To Go 2 (and DTTG2 must be active, regardless of the Sync method) .

PS: This is also covered in DEVONthink 3’s built-in Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Sync > Bonjour.