direct URL to a pdf -> how to import?

I have dragged a URL to a pdf file onto DTpro, I oppen the URL in DTpro, but find no way to import the pdf file?

I guess I am missing something here… I checked the contextual menu in the pdf window, but no chance ;(


You need to somehow view the PDF first. Why not view it in a browser, and then print it and use the contextual menu to save it in DT Pro?

I can view the PDF in DT’s Browser, but I cannot get the pdf imported directly, a bit counter-intuitive, I think.

Currently, there is no “Save As” command in the DT Pro browser.

You can click on the URL address in the browser. That will open the same page in your default browser. You should then be able to save the PDF to your hard drive and either Import (copy it) into your database, or Index (link to it).

You can also drag the pdf’s icon (select it in a DT view listing, not in the document header) to the Download Manager (pull down Window>Download Manager).

Before you do that, make sure you have Download Manager set to download pdfs. Click on the widget in the lower right corner. Select “Import files to database” and in Options click on “Office and PDF documents”

Thanks for all the tips & tricks how to do this. I would make a “formal” request here: it would be nice if, when viewing a pdf like this, there was an easy “one click” way to add the pdf (which is downloaded and sits in some temp folder to the database (as in import). Where to put this functionality? Best would be the contextual menu like we have when viewing web pages!