Directory names in the .dtbase2 package

Dear developers,

I’m working with DT Pro Office 2.0.3 on OS 10.6.3.
I have a large database which (for backup purpose) I want to sync with a PC in my local network.

For synchronizing via a ssh connection I tried to use the free and powerful software Unison ( ), which seems as it could work (it even seems it could synchronize only the changed files in my 22 GB database) if there weren’t those “forbidden” UNIX file names…

Error: The name of this Unix file is not allowed under Windows. (File ‘myPATH/myDatabase.dtBase2/Files.noindex/*’)

This directory named “*” (star), which is even empty in my database at the moment seems to prevent synchronization to the Windows XP host, because this directory name is not allowed.
Would there be a way to name that directory differently in future versions of DevonThink or is there any other workaround (except creating a disk image on the windows host and mounting it via network)?

Kind regards


Thanks for the hint, we might revise this in the future. In the meantime you could of course copy Zip archives to your PC (see command File > Export > Database Archive…). This also scriptable. Another advantage is that the database is verified & optimized that way.

Hi Christian,

thanks for your reply.
The zip archive could be an alternative,
however then I would always have to copy the whole database (10 GB data, mostly PDF files) and not only the 2…3 PDF and RTF files and metadata, that have changed.

The advantage of the Unison solution is, that it should find and copy only the files that have changed since the last sync which is quite interesting for large databases like mine.