Disable "unread" flag for added items

Maybe I’m blind, but is it somehow possible to disable the unread indicator (mark the item as read) e.g. for web clippings?
I frequently clip websites, but I always need to mark them as read in the clipping dialogue. I know that I could set up a Smart Rule to do this, but I’d like to just add items as already read?
Same things applies for files I move into the inbox folder?

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I’m not aware of any such option. But as you say, a smart rule triggered on creation should effectively do exactly that in such a way that you don’t even notice it happening - that presumably is no less useful than an option in the preferences.

Note: The Read / Unread status relates to files in DEVONthink not what you’ve done in other applications. It has no awareness you “read” a PDF in Preview before importing.

Yes I know and that’s fine :slight_smile: personally I don’t get why I should clip a webpage as unread to devonthink everytime.
But if there is no option and you don’t see any benefit from this, I’ll implement a smart rule

I set up a Smart Rule for exactly this purpose.


Perfect example of the user self reliance enabled by DEVONthink designers. Well done.

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