Disable Wikilink rendering when converting Markdown to HTML

I’m converting some Markdown documents to HTML using the Convert > to HTML command in DT3. The resulting HTML documents correctly render the links to html link elements with x-devonthink-item uris as the target. However, in this particular case I would like to preserve the original unrendered wikilinks in the HTML output document. Is there a way to do this in DT?

A workaround is to change [[Wikilink]] to ✤Wikilink❖, convert to HTML, and then change all instances of (or another symbol of your choice) back to [[, and back to ]].

The whole process can be automated with a smart rule running scripts. One way to find those uncommon Unicode symbols is the Character Viewer, built into macOS.


Good idea. Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

@ebranda: Are you using square brackets for WikiLinks?

Assuming you are using square brackets, (which I don’t assume :wink: )

But you’d end up with ✤Wikilink❖ in your converted document. :thinking:

Following your example, I’d suggest converting the brackets to an empty HTML element, e.g., [[ to <l> and ]] to <r>.

Very helpful. Thanks, all.