Disable written note on a PDF File?

Hi there, I needed to make notes all over a PDF. For that, I’ve got an iPad Pro with the 2nd gen pen, those notes are thus hand-written.

I thought it would create something like a layer above the original file that I would be able to disable/enable when I need/don’t need those annotations.

Is there something that I miss or did I screw up the original file ? :confused:

Welcome @dunnno

The annotations aren’t baked into the PDF. They can be deleted as needed. But they aren’t something you can hide either.

PS: Hiding annotations isn’t a function of other PDF apps I’m aware of, so you seem to be asking for uncommon functionality.

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Thanks for the swift reply :smiley:

I didn’t mess the original file :sweat_smile:
I found out I could delete what I wrote, thankfully.

So that raises a new feature suggestion : being able to write / draw on files, on layers that are hidable/unhidable.

Even more, being able to create as much layers as needed, like in a CAD software

You’re welcome!

Development would have to assess the request but it’s noted.