Disabling "Search in DEVONAgent" on links

While I really like DA, I don’t feel the need to use it on random links very often. Is there a way to make it so “Search in DEVONAgent” doesn’t show up when you right click/control click on links? I didn’t see that in the preferences panel…

Thanks for any help!

If you disable the contextual menu you won’t see it at all, but then you may not see the menu when you need it either.

Thanks for the help, that was exactly what I needed. I prefer to open up DA manually and do searches when I need them, so I’m going to disable that for now.

I installed DEVONAgent to evaluate it but decided that I don’t need it. Now I have “Search in DEVONAgent” links everywhere, including MS Office. How to get rid of them? I don’t see any option to disable the context menu in DEVONAgent. If I trash the DEVONAgent app I still have all those context menu items sitting around in my other apps, which is very annoying.

Check the contents of your home folder > Library > Contextual Menu Items. You will need to log out and back in again after you’ve dropped the “DEVONagent CM.plugin” to the Trash.

Read the online help by searching for “remove plugin” to find other files you might want to remove.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. All the other files were zapped by AppZapper but seems that it doesn’t check for contextual menu plugins.