Disappearing folders

I had a couple of large folders in one of my DTPO databases, and they’ve vanished – gone completely, overnight.

The folders are in my Favorites in the sidebar, but the names are grayed out.

Any ideas?

I’m baffled…

Many thanks.

Unfortunately it is very easy to delete groups (folders) in DTPO, which warns you when you empty the trash but not when you hit delete on a group.

So, did you look in the Trash in the sidebar? If you haven’t emptied the trash, you should find your groups there.

Plan B is your backup (Time Machine or whatever). If you don’t do backups then … :cry:

If the favorites are grayed out, then the database containing the groups is either closed or doesn’t contain the groups anymore. However, deleting groups should automatically remove the favorites too and therefore the second case shouldn’t happen. Does verifying the database report any errors?